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Projects we've incubated

We often experiment & partner to build the most innovative experiences for education. Check out the projects we've incubated below.

Web3 & the Evolution of Education Unconference (Ed3Con22')

2022 | A 3-day virtual, gamified, learning & networking experience focused on web3 & contextualized for education.

Future of Learning

Future of Teaching

Future of Earning

Future of Community


2022 | The first Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for educators, by educators, committed to onboarding 1 million educators into the world of web3. Join our global educator community!

🏅 Ed3 Certification
💡 Ed3 Unconference
🚀 Educator Accelerator
💰 Grants for Educators
🎫 Ed3 membership NFT


2021 | The very first conference on Twitter Spaces. We galvanized the entire Twitter ecosystem to create a global, free, & live learning experience about the future of learning. 36 continuous hours, across every time zone on the planet.


k20 Virtual World Building Think Tank

2021 | Sponsored by GatherTown, a Think Tank for global educators to experiment and build metaverse learning spaces. 

City of Learning

2021 | The first gamified unconference for educators. 

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