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Provide an extraordinary virtual  experience for your participants

If you're struggling with engagement, retention, completion, or referrals, we can help.

We create metaverse experiences with new or existing content for your online classes, online communities, webinars, corporate trainings, virtual events, virtual classrooms, and any other online learning experiences. 

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What we offer

Based on your vision, we develop a metaverse learning pathway for your content.

We evaluate your feature needs and help you select a 2D or 3D metaverse platform.

We recommend metaverse activities aligned to your content that encourage exploration, social engagement, & fun.

We build a bespoke, branded metaverse space with reusable and moveable assets. 

The final space is YOURS to keep. You can adjust it as needed over time, replace content, and use it over and over again for your courses & events.

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Learning Science behind our work

Why do our metaverse experiences have high referral rates, high retention rates, and high engagement rates? It's because we methodically integrate best practices from the science of learning, the science of space, and human psychology into our spaces.


Expertise from educators:
k20 Virtual World Building Think Tank  

We have been working  with educators to ideate new solutions in metaverse environments and test spaces for efficacy. 

In 2021, we partnered with GatherTown, a metaverse platform, to host a Think Tank for global educators to experiment and build metaverse learning spaces. 

Our educators built open source maps for education and shared their lessons with the world on social media. The culmination of their work can be found here.

We also hosted monthly contests to give away free metaverse spaces worth $42,000 each.

If you're a Metaverse platform and would like us to facilitate a Think Tank for your product, contact us!

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