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Applications are closed. If you're interested in the next cohort,

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k20 Educators is thrilled to announce an Education Fellowship, the Virtual World Building Think Tank. Applications are now open to find five Global Educators to develop new ideas and concepts about how learning can advance through virtual world building. This will be the first “Build-in-Public*” education project, showcasing the power of good technology and good educators working together. All assets developed as part of this program will be published as open source.

This Think Tank is sponsored by Gather.Town, a virtual world building platform.

Program dates: November 15, 2021 - March 15, 2021 (4 months)

Mission & Vision


The mission of the k20 Virtual World Building Think Tank is for educators at a grassroots level to take action toward researching and integrating an innovative concept into their practice, while also spreading the word about what they’ve learned.

This Think Tank will allow educators to create, research and share concepts for the future of learning as related to virtual worlds & remote learning. Educators will conduct action research with their students and publicly document their findings.

An Unparalleled Opportunity for Fellows

$1800 USD

One-year subscription to Gather.Town

for 500 users

(a $42,000 value)

k20 Badges for fellowship completion

Subscriptions to support fellowship

Participatory Action Research Training

'Build in Public' Training

Privilege to judge monthly competitions & award prizes

Successful applicants will receive training on build-in-public techniques that will allow a community of educators and students to learn from their work. They will also receive Action Research** training to develop research projects with their students that use best-practice techniques for participatory research in Education.


Fellows will receive a grant of $1800 over four months to use in whatever capacity they choose. We imagine that it could help fund a training or software package that would help them build lessons or resources for their own virtual world. Fellows will also receive a free one-year licence to Gather Town and access to relevant subscriptions needed for the fellowship.


As fellows participate in this project, they will establish themselves as world experts on virtual world building for education. We expect the possibilities for work beyond the fellowship are boundless.


*Build in public is a way to publicly document a project that helps promote understanding and creates a community by sharing the revelations, pitfalls, wins and failures along the way. Building in public by sharing articles, podcasts, blogs, tweets, talks and live streams will engage a global audience of educators and students.


**Participatory Action research is a method of research that uses planning, action and reflection on that action to promote change. Taking action and doing research happen simultaneously. During this fellowship, fellows and their students will work together so that the educators will fully involve their students in research decisions as co-researchers. 

Applications close October 31, 2021.
Seats are filled on a rolling basis - earlier applications have an advantage!

Essential criteria for your application:

  • Any type of educator with a group of students (over 13 yrs old) that can take part in research

  • Access to WiFi and computer 

  • Ability and desire to create content on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, podcasts, blogs, education publications, etc.)

  • Ability to commit 3-5 hours a week to this project, over four months

  • Ability to converse and write in English (we encourage international educators to apply)

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