January 9, 2021

City of Learning Education Unconference

A virtual gamified learning and networking experience for educators, by educators.
Educators register for free.

This event has ended. For future events like this, please sign up for our social network where you can access a like-minded community of educators. Playback of the event will be available on The k20!

Unconference theme:

Innovation in Remote &  Blended Learning

Educators across pre-K through 20 will find concrete strategies and experiences to enhance teaching practices and start the new year in blended or remote learning environments with success. With thought leaders and real practitioners, we are tackling some of the most difficult concepts to translate from in person to remote including social emotional learning, project based learning, assessment, engagement, and learning spaces.


Eight Virtual Interactions


chance encounters

‘bump into’ educators from all over the world on video and audio by walking around the City of Learning 


learning labs

engage in hands-on, live, mini-professional learning sessions to support with remote learning practices


k20 talks

learn from engaging speakers with 20 min talks and 10 min Q&A, followed by breakout group discussions


break out groups

grab a seat at a table at the bar or cafe to debrief in small groups about talks and labs after each session


edtech booths

visit innovative edtech companies to learn about products that make teaching online easier and effective


solo exploration

find instructional "gems" on your own as you walk around- resources to inform best practices for remote learning


tea & teach

visit the bar or cafe for unstructured networking with global educators from a variety of disciplines and grades


imaginative play 

discover fantasy portals, reflection corners, and gaming areas to entice your imagination


Edtech Booths:

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