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Transform your online 
into a dynamic learning world


⬆️ Increase completion rates, referrals, & registrations.

⬇️ Decrease marketing costs & drop-off. 

We are a metaverse design studio

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We expertly recommend a dynamic learning pathway for your content

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We help you choose the right virtual platform for your experience

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We build a custom metaverse space for you in a 2D or 3D platform of your choice

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We pair your content with metaverse learning activities to enhance engagement

Beautiful worlds built for & trusted by

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The old way versus the new way


Online experiences are mostly terrible.

❌ They short-change peer-to-peer interactions,

❌ over-extend facilitator time,

❌ rarely lead to high learning outcomes,

❌ deter user autonomy, and

❌ tend to be quite boring. 

Metaverse spaces can transform an online learning experience. 

✅ They encourage spontaneous peer-to-peer conversations, 

✅ allow facilitators to distribute moderation to the space & users, 

✅ lead to higher engagement & learning outcomes, and

✅ enable users to choose their own adventure.


It feels and works like the real world but requires substantially less capital and human investment. 

Research based

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Led by Vriti Saraf, we are veteran educators & architects who have been designing metaverse learning spaces for years. We use our experience & important research to encourage human behaviors & interactions that support learning.

Cognitive Science


Spatial Science




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