Join us in building the world's largest & most impactful social ecosystem for educators.


Where educators


Creators of the world's first Conference on Twitter Spaces #k20innovates 

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Betsy Corcoran & Tony Wan

Co-founders, Edsurge

Sal Khan

Founder, Khan Academy

Dale Dougherty

Founder, Maker Movement

Tony Wagner


Dan Carroll

Co-founder, Clever

What we do

Over 125 million educators around the world are working in silos. We aim to provide educators free access to global knowledge and to the brilliance of one another.


We create thoughtful community & events.

We connect global educators through professional portfolios, shared experiences, learning communities, and the world's most innovative events.

Educators are each other's greatest resource and Facebook shouldn't be the only place we can collaborate.


We curate through the noise.

We search the planet for the most effective professional development and curate the largest directory of learning in one place.

If educators are expected to be superheroes, we should have access to superhero training.

We uplift using AI.

We invite educators to show off their expertise while helping to find their next career move. Based on goals, we use artificial intelligence technology to make recommendations on what to learn and who to meet. 

We need a mutually empowering community personalized beyond the corporate structure of LinkedIn.


k20 will ALWAYS be free for educators, protected, and solicitation free.

Who is The k20 for?


k-12 teachers & administrators


Higher education professors & administrators


Edtech professionals & aspiring educators


Education recruiters

We use human-centered principles to create experiences that bring educators together.

Check out our events in The City of Learning, a virtual gamified meeting space innovated just for educators.

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