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Over 90 million educators around the world are working in silos. We aim to provide educators free access to global knowledge and to the brilliance of one another.


We link.

We connect global educators through professional profiles, shared experiences, and learning communities.

Educators are each other's greatest resource and Facebook shouldn't be the only place we can collaborate.

We curate.

We search the planet for the most effective professional development and curate the largest directory of learning in one place.

If educators are expected to be superheroes, we should have access to superhero training.

We uplift.

We invite educators to show off their expertise while helping to find their next career move. Based on goals, we make recommendations on what to learn and who to meet.

We need a mutually empowering community personalized beyond LinkedIn.

Who is k20 for?

k-12 teachers & administrators

Higher education professors & administrators

Edtech professionals & aspiring educators

Education recruiters

Connecting is especially important right now.

We're hosting the first gamified virtual unconference for educators. Meet us at The City of Learning on January 9, 2021.

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