The social learning community for global educators


Where educators


What is the eduverse?

Advancement in technology has created worlds beyond our imagination. We have the ability to transform ourselves, our relationships, our communities, our professions, & our futures. 

Over 125 million educators around the world are working in silos despite the technology available to connect us.


We are creating the first free immersive virtual social learning community (the eduverse) for educators to access  global knowledge & the brilliance of one another.

What's inside the eduverse?

Every educator on the planet

We connect global educators through professional portfolios, shared experiences, learning communities, and the world's most innovative events.



Resources you want, curated in the way you want them

As a community, we search the planet for resources & professional learning content. And then we use AI to curate it. 


We also have programs that empower educators to match & surpass the evolution of other industries.

Pathways to professional progress

Sure we have a job board but we also use portfolio style profiles that recommend pathways toward your professional goals. Our AI will suggest what to learn, who to meet, and where to apply.


Who is The k20 eduverse for?


k-12 teachers & administrators in traditional & non-traditional institutions


Higher education professors & administrators


Edtech professionals & aspiring educators


Education recruiters

We use human-centered principles to create experiences that bring educators together.

Check out our events in The City of Learning, a virtual gamified meeting space innovated just for educators.

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