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The Eduverse aims to be open 24/7.

During its pilot, it is open on Wednesdays from 4pm - 6pm ET.

The Eduverse

A metaverse hub for educators 

The Eduverse is a virtual space for global educators to connect & discover the brilliance of one another.

It's more than a platform. 

It's a place. 

A dynamic place for educators

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✨Spontaneously meet other educators from around the world & discover open resources


 🤝 Reserve free spaces for learning communities, meetings, & collaborations

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🧠 Attend professional development events on various topics

🏫 Schools, districts, & Edtech companies can build their own worlds as part of the Eduverse ecosystem.

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Eduverse Events 

Attend or host! 

🤔 Do you wish you could host your next event or meeting in the Eduverse for 5 to 500 attendees? 

🎉 You can! For free.

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