Build your own world in the metaverse

🤝 host unlimited events for your members or customers

✅ generate leads from our Eduverse commons
🧠 activate dynamic virtual professional learning
✨ create persistent spaces for resources and idea sharing

Choose your own adventure.
Are you a non-profit? Contact us for a special rate. 


$3 / user

✔ 500 concurrent users per min.
​✔ domain restricted access
✔ access to k20 templated spaces

    (isometric & 8-bit)
✔ k20 training on how to use  &

    build spaces

​✔ promotion of event in Eduverse


Month-to-Month Tenant

$7 / user per month

all benefits of day-pass, plus...

✔ unlimited events per month
​✔ dedicated events manager
✔ access to gated events 
✔ access to monthly networking

​✔ access to beta features on


Annual Tenant

$6.25 / user per month

all benefits of monthly, plus...

✔ access to NFT giveaways &


✔ access to free tickets to

    Eduverse conferences
✔ priority access to sponsorship

✔ special networking events for

    annual tenants

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The k20 Eduverse is a special place.

We provide specialized event support for our tenants.

Our education network allows us to connect you & your events to global educators.

k20 Eduverse special features

day pass



Templated spaces

Use k20's sophisticated templated spaces (beyond 8-bit!)

Training on how to use mapmaker

Receive training on how to build your own maps 

Meetups for Eduverse builders

Get together with other builders to share resources & ideas

Promotion of your event

k20 will promote your event within our Eduverse commons and our website

Dedicated events manager

Receive support from a dedicated human from k20 who can advise on space setup, event engagement, promotion, and more. 

Networking for Eduverse tenants

Get together with other Eduverse edtech companies and schools looking for new innovations

Access to blockchain features

See below for blockchain features we are building - you'll have first access!

Access to NFTs & airdrops

You'll receive first dibs on new NFT drops and free giveaways!

Free tickets to our Ed3 Unconferences & annual events

Attend the most innovative conferences & events for web3 in education, for free

Access to sponsorship opportunities

Get access to sponsorship opportunities at massively reduced costs to our events

✔                                    ✔                                    ✔ 

✔                                    ✔                                   

✔                                    ✔                                   

✔                                    ✔                                   







All plans include:

500 users, per minute

The maximum number of concurrent users in your Space

Spatial video & audio

Speak via audio and/or video by walking close to another avatar

Unlimited rooms

Create as many rooms as you wish

Customizable maps

Build your own maps with the mapmaker tool

Interactive objects

Images, external calls, videos, embedded webpages, synced TVs, whiteboards, games, and more


Send messages to individual users, nearby users, or everyone in the space

Integrate live-streaming

Add Youtube, Zoom, or any other video live-streaming apps into your space

Spotlight users
Highlight users' video and audio

Follow & locate
Follow any user without having to move yourself, or find where any user is in the space

Email guest list
Restrict access to your Space with a list of emails


Domain-restricted access
Only allow users with email address ending in ''


Manage Space preferences
Disable specific features, such as chat and screen sharing


Password-protected access
Restrict access to your Space with a password


Block, ban, or kick users
Moderators can block, ban, or kick users from a Space

& so much more.