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Manifest your vision.

Introducing the Personal Agency Incubator.

A program created for educators looking to make change.

As educators, we've all dreamt of projects, events, or programs that could change the way we operate. Whether it's implementing new practices in the classroom, a school, a district, or starting a micro-school or Edtech venture, or just exploring new concepts like web3. Join a community of education professionals in discovering an actionable path toward the realization of your vision.

Applications open soon

Incubator dates to be announced

k20 Personal Agency Incubator

Use entrepreneurial thinking and design thinking frameworks to guide you in the pursuit of your plan & the realization of your aspiration.

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Crystalize your Vision through Self-Discovery

We start the incubator with self-identity work. Understanding who you are & why your pursuit matters to you. You'll crystalize your vision for your project through your "why".

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Make an Actionable Plan

The incubator will step you through activities to pursue your vision & the possibilities beyond your vision. Actionable plans will be created.

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Learn with a powerful community

We will walk through the manifestation process together as a cohort of educators across the globe.

Participate in an expertly crafted program to take actionable steps toward realizing your vision.

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Weekly virtual meetings providing frameworks & guidance on actions you can take week-to-week

It is one thing to have an idea, and yet another to make that idea a reality. This incubator will take you on a journey of self-discovery to identify your "why", crystalize your "what" & empower you to develop a sound plan toward your "how". You will deliberately incubate your idea through conversations with others and exploration of new possibilities. It will then guide you toward finding the friends, allies, & resources you need to help you realize your vision. 


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Individual check-ins with personalized feedback & support on your specific pursuit from Dr. Unger

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The provision of resources & examples that can help crystalize the possibilities 

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Fireside chats with experts from the fields of your pursuits (educators, administrators, edtech founders, micro-school founders, etc.)

Get expert insight & guidance on your idea from leaders in the field


Corey Mohn
Executive Director of CAPS


Lindsay Portnoy, PhD
Cognitive Scientist & Associate Teaching Professor

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Chad Carlson
Director of Research & Design

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Chris Unger
Teacher Professor in Entrepreneurship at the Doctor of Education program 

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Designer & Facilitator of the Personal Agency Incubator

Chris Unger is a Teaching Professor in the Graduate Programs in Education at Northeastern University including the Doctor of Education program. His primary interest is in the design, development, and proliferation of learner-centered and agency-focused schools and schooling, entrepreneurship as a means of creating new possibilities in education, the support of change agents and change agent work in our educational ecosystem, and the transformation needed in support of youth, our communities, and society.

Dr. Unger has led a number of school, district, and state improvement efforts while at Brown University and directed several university, district, and school improvement and research initiatives while at Project Zero of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  His current work includes supporting doctoral students to be change agents in education, networking for the creation and proliferation of learner-centered learning communities, and finding ways to create new possibilities for learning within and outside the current ecosystem of education. He is also the host of A Revolution in Education podcast.

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Application Process
Fill out the simple application form to be considered for the Personal Agency Incubator.

Applications accepted based on passion, desired pursuit, & whether we think we can help you realize your vision.

Join a dynamic cohort of educators for kick-off & orientation sessions

Continue on the journey to Part II (separate program/application)
At the end of the 6-week incubator, participants can decide if they would like to continue on the journey with 14 weeks of ongoing support & guidance in a community that can help you problem-solve, pivot, & continuously ideat ways to make your aspriation a reality.

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Apply for a scholarship. 
Share what you may want to pursue, why, & who you hope to impact.

6-week Incubator
Weekly guidance as a cohort along with personal coaching from Dr. Unger to create a plan for your vision.

Meet with smaller teams to work together or support one another on each other's ideas.

Apply to the Personal Agency Incubator

Part I of the incubator is $500 for six weeks.
Application deadline to be announced
Part II of the incubator is a separate application.

Who should apply?

If you identify as an educator & have an idea you want to incubate. 




traditional & non-traditional educators 


educators looking to start a new venture


educators looking to transition into other fields

Applications open soon